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Courses Taught (with Catalog Descriptions)

PSY225: Psychology Statistics, University of New England

PSY305C: Primatology, University of New England

PSY305D: Comparative Social Behavior, University of New England

PSY230: Experimental Design and Statistics Lecture and Laboratory, Franklin & Marshall College
Descriptive and inferential statistics. Research design as reflected in statistical methods. Analysis of variance designs for independent groups and for repeated measurements. Statistical power and comparison techniques. Required laboratory will focus on design and methodology.

BIO/PSY250: Animal Behavior Lecture and Laboratory, Franklin & Marshall College
An integrative approach to animal behavior from the perspectives of ethology, behavioral ecology and comparative psychology. The structure, function, development and evolution of behavioral adaptations including foraging and predation, communication, social organization and reproductive strategies. Observational and experimental research required. 

PSY372: Comparative Social Behavior, Franklin & Marshall College
An examination of various aspects of social behavior from a comparative perspective with an emphasis on the factors associated with similarities and differences across a broad range of species.  Applying principles of behavioral ecology and comparative psychology this course will address topics such as social structure, conflict management, cooperation, culture, and social cognition. 

ANTH1005: Biological Basis of Human Behavior, The George Washington University
An exploration of human behavior from an evolutionary perspective drawing from the fields of biological anthropology, evolutionary psychology, and behavioral ecology including the biology and behavior of nonhuman primates.  Topics include reproductive behavior, parental behavior, aggression, cooperation, and culture.

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